Why We Exist?

Why We Exist?

One of the most business critical areas SquareCircle Tech’s founders have focused in many years that they have been involved in building and taking enterprise software products to market is, bridging the Code To Customer Gap. This really is the main reason for success or failure of products.

Customer-side challenges

  • Most IT department stakeholders do not have knowledge of what is required for their business, its many times their interpretation of problem or their perspective of a solution.
  • Business users who have the problem does not have time to invest in sharing the same.
  • Business users can articulate the problem but do not know how technology can solve it.
  • Business users cannot believe that problems can be solved in a different way – resistance to change.
  • Business users resist to share information, as it may cause them becoming redundant.
  • Business users and IT users have the knowledge of the problem but cannot influence their management to invest the time and money.
  • Many business think they are unique and different, and standard products cannot solve their problems.
  • Decision makers in Business and IT have different views on priorities and have conflict.
  • Cultural differences and perception without objective assessment of problem and solution that the product can solve – startup vs established vendor, geographical boundaries, technology preferences.

Product Company-side challenges

  • Focusing on what customer wants, usually solution provided by customer IT, rather than what’s the customers problem that needs to be solved by the product, which usually needs to come from customer’s business user.
  • Carried away by new technology, instead of understanding business impact it can make.
  • Lack of adequate specialized skills to build product – architecture, design, product management, developer, testing – assuming having just developers can lead to good products.
  • Thinking with a services mindset, basically just focusing and building for few customer requirements rather than for the market, especially due to the $ temptations there.
  • Lack of understanding of how product gets positioned and sold.
  • Lack of business /domain knowledge with development team.
  • Complete lack of knowledge with sales /pre-sales specific to the region territory they want to enter in to show the value of the product.
  • Huge reliance on consultants to get the products implemented , to configure and/or customize.

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