Market Entry

Prior to and during product launch, SquareCircle Tech will work with you to analyze potential market scenarios, and we’ll develop programs to help facilitate access to and acceptance of your product. Spotting the early market trends that point to key opportunities can help your business grow. But how do you identify which trends are significant for your market? And how do you move from recognizing a profitable trend to formulating a precise plan?

We help you across every step.

Market Trends

We are continuously tracking and analyzing the major trends within markets, consumer segments, retail, technology and products. We identify what factors are becoming more or less influential and how these might impact your business.

Market Insights

After identifying the relevant trends, we add a clear understanding of what factors are driving these developments, across all channels. As well as this, we look at likely future demand and benchmark your current performance against your competitors.

Market Segmentation

We identify the main customer segments for each trend: where they are, what they are doing and why, and how to engage them.

Marketing Strategy Planning

We combine our insights to develop a detailed, strategic plan of how to grow your business. With this approach, you get the big picture on trends for your market and the fine detail on where those trends are taking the market. Plus, we help you define your optimum go-to-market mix with our regional experience.