Our business is to improve your business!

At SqaureCircle Tech, we unite deep sector knowledge, superior analytic tools and a global mindset with local expertise to help you achieve desired results. We work with you to provide advice and assistance in the implementation of your strategy. We help you execute them, deliver value and ensure long-term success. Our organized teams of experts help you navigate through complex and often fragmented processes. We enable you to address critical issues upfront and make the right decisions.

Our focal point is on being pro-active advisers, providing an extensive range of business advisory services. We do this by creating sustainable solutions that work for you. You benefit from our pooled industry knowledge, subject expertise and our collective experience. By working in multi-disciplinary teams, we deliver holistic thinking and insights helping clients in transforming their organization, no matter what their primary challenges are – from improving performance to optimizing risk, to restructuring their operations or seizing new opportunities.

At SqaureCircle Tech, we facilitate companies’ branch out into new markets and execute the right strategy to build their clientele base by identifying the target customers, marketing their business in a way that differentiates their firm from the crowd, and connecting them to the decision makers at the targeted firms through our existing relationship with their potential customers.
Our panel takes the time to understand our clients’ business, industry sector and overall personal and business goals. This enables us to provide a strategic advisory service that helps support our clients’ growth ambitions. This service involves extensive interaction between the client’s team and SqaureCircle Tech team. The typical process is:

  • Discuss with the client’s team to outline the outcomes/goals one wishes to achieve at the end of the exercise
  • From strategy, to process improvement, to information systems’ implementation, we help and guide your business create value
  • Set out processes to achieve the goals
  • Work seamlessly with internal (HR, Sales, Marketing, Top Management) and external (channel, employees, B2B customer, etc.) teams to meet set objectives
  • Complete the cycle by monitoring and measuring the success of the programs on a regular basis.
  • Offering fresh insights and perspectives combined with practical and pragmatic advice we can assist you to make critical business decisions with confidence.

Some Typical Services

Analyzing the business ecosystem – Internal assessment of the organization encompassing products, partnerships, suppliers, business processes to understand its current state; in conjunction with an external assessment of the Market place. This forms the foundation stone for the strategic planning exercise setting out future objectives and outline appropriate processes to achieve the desired objectives.

Some focus areas include Planning & budgeting, defining growth strategies, investment / divestment strategies, expanding into new segments / geographies, product portfolio rationalisation, designing & fine tuning the marketing strategy, trend analysis & scenario planning

Feedback helps clients in developing customer centric strategies which are measureable and result oriented and helps client accelerate their businesses.

Scenario building is an integral part of the exercise and helps reduce the impact of market uncertainties by bringing in an outside in perspective of the market place. Feedback has extensive experience of the Indian, SEA and GCC markets.

SquareCircleTech’s offering revolves around:

  • Reviewing a firm’s business development cycle and identifying interventions required to realise the potential
  • Defining customer groups, prioritizing them based on potential and identifying best channels to address them
  • Building a partner ecosystem required for delivering higher customer value
  • Help clients manage their extended network of partners by defining policies, roles & responsibilities, setting interfaces, reviewing metrics

Work closely with the client firm to best achieve the desired results.

Driving collaborative work in complex business environments necessitates reviewing processes frequently and constantly work on improving them to deliver superior customer value. Feedback assists in:

  • Setting out the right processes for specific functional areas as well as enterprise-wide
  • Constantly monitor & improve
  • Remove functional inefficiencies and bottlenecks

SquareCircleTech has worked with start-ups as well as well-established companies in this area. It’s extensive cross sector experience helps bring in a different perspective to business.

Helping clients organise and address Voice of Customers in a disciplined and effective manner. This is possible through effective program management and bringing insights from what works and what doesn’t work. We work like an extension arm of the client and assist in:

  • Building the 30-60-90-120 day activities for clients at account, BU and Organisation level.
  • Using ‘Voice of Customers’ to create effective account planning programs
  • Deploying diagnostic tools like Account Health Assessments (AHA), Account Readiness Diagnositcs, Customer centricity programs, etc.

SquareCircleTech can help firms re-look at the service organisation structure and help re-design the service structure including automation, policies, Key Account Management, employee orientation, help desk set up and metrics organisation.

Customer Journey Maps are effective tools to draw the entire journey clients travel along with the brand. Mapping this needs a dispassionate approach, while also appreciating the business nuances. Feedback helps clients write their customer journey maps and advise on the gaps if any in the current process / engagement framework. SquareCircleTech is able to bring an external, objective perspective into the exercise.

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