Learn to see your data.

Quality Trainer teaches you how to analyze your data anytime you are online. This e-learning course includes animated lessons,
quizzes, and hands-on exercises to help you easily learn statistics and how to use Minitab. Flexible licensing is available for
individuals or your entire organization. View all features

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A comprehensive statistics course for the most
commonly used tools.

Quality Trainer contains nine chapters with more than one hundred interactive lessons that you can use and repeat at
your own pace. The course covers the most commonly used graphs and statistical tools, including Hypothesis Tests,
Control Charts, Process Capability, ANOVA, Regression, and more.

A Healthy Start to Belt Training

Medtronic’s Black Belt candidates come from all business units with varying levels of exposure to statistics. To ensure all candidates are equipped with a common skillset before coming to class, Medtronic turns to Quality Trainer.

Maximizing Potential

Learn how Cummins gets everyone, from human resources to mechanical engineers, to speak the same language and become data-driven.

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Completing Projects Faster

Discover how Stryker helps new employees quickly develop the analytical skills needed to make an impact.

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Flexible Licensing

Purchase Quality Trainer for individual users, or take advantage of multi-user licensing to provide access to all Minitab users at your company.

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